D​​iligently Screaming :
A Mage Within

   By -A.G.Inmon-  

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Author Of -Fantasy Fiction & Action Adventure Books-

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My Favorite Quotes:
It tugged at his tender heart strings until he could take no more; promising nothing but discomfort and cold discord. 
  bout The Author
It tugged at his tender heart strings until he could take no more; promising nothing but discomfort and cold discord. 
  bout The Author
    Luminous Necromantic is a half-breed of Human and Elf that is considered by most to be a genetic mistake that should not exist in the world. Over the last 9000 years a great and terrible evil has plagued the lands, and Luminous is caught between his hearts desires and his destiny.

    In the pursuit of a quiet and peaceful life, Luminous has taken to life on a farm with his adopted family who found him and his sister, Rebecca, wondering in the forest at a young age. Due to the harsh times, the family must travel to Tarethiel, the last of the Elven cities, to gain a better price for their crops. 
     During a grand celebration, Tarethiel falls under attack by a wicked sorcerer named Glanduil, who seeks the immense power of the Legacy Stone residing within the castle walls. Now Aurora and the Elves must take a stand and fight against hordes of enemy soldiers, stone giants, and a powerful Mage. During an epic battle, the Legacy Stone disappears and Aurora lays injured at the mercy of a foul beast. Luminous must now make a decision: fight for what he believes in, or suffer the consequences.

    In order to keep the Legacy Stone from falling into enemy hands, a Company of twelve brave souls are sent to retrieve it. Now they must race across desert sands and face several trials that will test their bonds and loyalties as they learn to overcome lands rattled with traps, and a host of enemies in an ultimate race against time between good and evil.


      Luminous soon finds himself thrown into a world of chaos and ruin as tragedy strikes along the way during his travels. He is forced to watch as his entire family is attacked by a pack of Volga-Roth wolves. In his desperate attempt to save them, Luminous unleashes a massive wave of powerful magic that renders everything it touches to ash. However, in doing so, the physical strain causes him to pass out.

     When he awakes weeks later, he finds himself a prisoner in Tarethiel. In this alienated world of prejudice, he is charged with a murder, and is forced to stay in the city until he learns how to control his power. Under the guidance of Aurora, he begins to trust in himself, and a strong bond begins to be forged between them.

    In an epic battle of magic and strength, through great loss and sacrifice, the Elven Company must learn how to band together to turn the tide before it's too late. In the end, they face the Grand mage, Mephitis Malignant, the evil emperor, and learn about Luminous's torture past. However, before they can depart, the evil sorcerer breaks the Legacy Stone into three pieces. Now the company must travel to distant lands in pursuit of these shards and hope that they will be able to find them all in time before the evil emperor gains his full strength.

Why I wrote My Book

I wrote this novel in an attempt to produce a work that not only stayed true to the action adventure genre, but also a work that provides readers with something more; a glimpse of simple truths about the human condition. This is our need to feel moved and to connect with others on a personally meaningful level.



Favorite Line

  The purpose of my novel, is exactly this. Not only does it provide new and exciting worlds for readers to explore and lose themselves in, but it also offers meaningful experiences that help connect the reader with the text. Ideally, the reader will experience a wide range of emotions as they read an enthralling tale of love, loss, and triumph. Here, characters must face overwhelming odds, threatening obstacles, and moral choices of controversy that will have readers on the edge of their seats as they read along.
 My ambitions are simple. I began this work as a simple story for young adults to teach them life lessons. Here, I wanted to show them, that the perception of one's reality depends upon the individual belief that they hold. Another words, that anything is possible through hard work and determination. I would love nothing more to write a lasting work that not only can be enjoyed by teens and young adults of all ages, but also by several generations to come.  
 It pulled at his tender heart strings until he could withstand no more; plucking at each one with a bitter sting of silent suffering and cold discord.